mercredi 10 août 2022

St Laurent.. Pour les anglophones

 ©℗ Currently we are experiencing a great drought in France, how have we contributed to the disappearance of water from our countryside.

First of all, blind trust in state technocracy, which has set up collective water distribution networks in defiance of existing local resources.

Some elements concerning the region of Mauriac North West Cantal.

Each farm was almost autonomous for its water consumption, people and livestock included.

The collective network has made it possible to satisfy (by multiplying the wastage of unclosed taps, etc.) the water needs of the herds (the CAP with its perverse effects has set up plethoric herds); with the stifling heat that we are experiencing, each animal drinks at least 100 liters of water.

The price per m2 of water is sold to farmers at a lower price than the price charged to the normal consumer; it has become an "inexhaustible" resource, just open the taps. Sometimes it supplies swimming pools.....

The WELLS the SOURCES which fed the needs for the rural ones remained without maintenance, the sources were lost, the troughs out of stones disappeared under brushwood for lack of a minimum of maintenance.

A fact that illustrates the occult way in which local elected officials manage this resource, I learned by chance from a mayor, that drilling took place in the middle mountains 900 meters, we continue the destructive work by clientelism under pressure from a major agricultural union.

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